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by Feranmi Oludare - July 5, 2020 0 Comments


I remember how it felt when 2019 was about to end. The last few days felt so strange because the year had felt so good and I didn’t want it to end but I also knew that the calendar is a human construct so the new year did not have to be different. I believe the importance placed on the turn of the year is unnecessary, it’s really just like any other day. My heart tried telling me that something unique was about to begin but I dismissed it for my head which told me that the new year would be no different from the one that was about to end. 


(spoiler alert: My head was wrong)


2020 has burdened us with; a World War III scare, the death of retired basketball superstar-icon, Kobe Bryant, numerous social issues and a global pandemic (to name a few of what we’ve come by). And now, Welcome to July.


It has been a very eventful year and one hell of a ride but fortunately, we’ve had some good from it as well. More importantly, we’ve had great music coming from our artists through the year. Starting with Walltar’s early January release (Appreciation), all the way to Talksiick’s most recent single (The FriendZone Song).


We’ve been treated with such quality and consistency that all the turbulence that has come with the year can be slightly overlooked. With that in mind, ZeroGravity has compiled a list of the 10 songs from this year that you need to listen to. [ A. S. A. P]


Before we get too far ahead, we have some songs and projects that didn’t make the cut but are nonetheless amazing works.


Honourable Mentions:


  • Energy - Whoisakin
  • Eternal mob - Tochi bedford
  • Promise - Trobulsome & Kelviin57
  • Runnin’ - Wibe
  • Shuku shuku - Taylee
  • Realer - Loti & KD
  • B&V – Follie D (ft Ella Umoru)
  • Hear Me Calling - Ds
  • Conscience - JustED
  • Fade to grae - Grizzy Grae
  • Attention - Elly Riddim
  • Pain - Wagada
  • Battery Drain - Jbpayne (ft Badboywavy)
  • Madness Riddim - Frank Hakins (ft Ajebo)
  • Hollup - Pandamonae
  • El chapo - Daddyluwah & Fwfeyi
  • Black Roses - Ella Umoru
  • Good Enough - Koko
  • Appreciation - Walltar
  • The Friendzone song – Talksiick (ft Ckay)


Let’s begin.

11. Damage - Wagada

We were all pleasantly surprised when Wagada dropped his E.P, “Forever Or Whatever”, last month.


No promotional singles, he just came through to deliver amazing music. He was justified as the project shot up the Apple Music charts, ending a scintillating run by claiming the second spot on the Alternative Chart and a top 30 spot in all genres.


Damage, to must, seems to be the stand-out track although I can’t advice you to stop there. In this case, the whole E.P is the gem. This just had to make the list somehow



10. Fall out - Bliizzy

“Fall Out” stood out.


It gave us an excellent mix of rap and what we’re used to hearing from the likes of Naira Marley. He did stop there as his delivery was near impeccable. A song that will make you feel like a bad guy automatically.


With his guest appearance on “Shomawa” and his song with Tim Lyre, he did enough to show us that he is capable of any sound imaginable to make your body move.



9. Balance - IP (The Sound) ft. Kelviin57

Do you remember when Wizkid gave these guys a shout-out?


I had never witnessed such a perfectly timed release prior to this. Starboi Terri had just released a song with the same title and got a shout-out from Wizkid for the song. IP and Kelviin 57 were gifted a wave, all they had to do was ride; and they rightly did.


To be honest, we can’t give Wizkid all the credit for this. The song is amazing as it is. It’s one of those songs that has you attempting moves you know you surely can’t pull off.


Definitely deserved a top 10 spot.



8. Dapada - KeYe anD ThE MoB

Let’s take a stroll back to March when this song was released. After the announcement, I recall looking forward to the Mob dropping their two song pack so much because I had a long week and it came with a promise to make my Saturday all that my week was not.


I expected quality and they delivered better than I expected. This song is staying on repeat till the end of the year (I'm willing to take bets on that) or at least till the Mob chooses to bless us with more music.



7. Elegushi - Ajebo (ft. Wagada)

“Elegushi 2 a.m / All my n****s too faded - cause the cruise dey there”


An earworm you don’t want to get rid of. This song eases you.


The song starts with Wagada harmonizing then, shortly, Ajebo comes in with a verse that makes you want to do nothing but lounge. It’s really just lounge music.


Wagada follows up with the same tone Ajebo set and it’s beautiful. I really wish the song lasted a bit longer.



6. Dragun - Koko

Koko comes in fire blazing like an actual Dragon on this song. This song is nicotine if nicotine was a song, it’s really that addictive. You hear it once and like that; you can never have enough.


There’s really not much explaining to do, you can go ahead now and listen to it. Then you’ll realize that ‘I told you so’.


An exceptional piece by Koko, let’s see what he comes back with in the second half of the year.



5. Jungle - Ybsounds (ft. Abstraktt, Flygirldebby, Godo & Zilla Oaks)

Ybsounds brought a feast to the table on this rather aggressive track and star studded single featuring Unilag’s finest and Apex Village star, Zilla Oaks.


Take it from me, this ought to be on everyone’s 2020 list. Starting with Flygirldebby’s intro requesting something new from Ybsounds, all through to the verses and ending with the hook. It was all majestic.


‘Been working all year no fumbles!!’



4. Saucy - Talksiick (ft. Blaqbonez)

It’s barely been a month since Talksiick quenched our thirst with his long awaited project “LOVE IS SIICK” (a star studded project which features the likes Blaqbonez, Ckay, Remy Baggins, Dapsy Ade, Mesoblow, Zarion Uti and Rexofthewest) and now everyone has a favorite track off the project.


Saucy (featuring our very own, self-dubbed Nigerian Adele: Blaqbonez) has been a standout track since the release of the project and has rightly earned a top 5 spot on our list.


To be honest with you, the project defines perfection.



3. Time Of Our Lives - Loti & KD (ft. Buju)

Let’s be honest; is there really a vibe without either Loti or KD having something to do with it?                        
Now imagine both of them on the same song. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?


What if I told you they collaborated on a whole EP? Losing your mind yet? Because I did the first time I heard about it.


I remember having this song on repeat for over a week when it got released. This song really hits the spot. Before anything, the production gets you hooked. Three seconds into the song and I’m already moving. KD is really a king in his realm.


Loti comes in very smoothly with a verse that’s sure to have you bopping (“Amarula yapa for my cooler”) and then delivers a hook you can’t get out of your head even if you tried. Buju comes in to give us ear candy. And all together, it’s magic. Now who’s to say that fairytales aren’t real? This song proves otherwise.


You can’t possibly listen to this song and still have any worries.



2. Darasimi - Soundz

Let me give you a chain of events that’s nearly impossible to break.

  • Hit play on 'Darasimi'
  • Dance


That’s it.                                                 


There should be a “Don’t move” challenge to this song.

Perfect delivery from “Soundz” on an amazing beat from “wave”. This song has grown to be one of my favorite over the past few months. I’d recommend it for any mood. With lines of prayer, reassurance and a great vibe overall, Darasimi should be one of your top picks.



1. Space - Whoisakin

Finally, the top spot.


I remember writing a review on Whoisakin’s E.P (Full Moon Weekends) earlier this year and at that time I picked “Energy” as the stand out song. The public has chosen and I was wrong.


“Space” talks about a shady partner and Whoisakin needing space from them. It’s one of those songs that puts you in a certain mood while you’re still enjoying the music. It’s simply brilliant. One of the best songs out there.


FULL MOON WEEKENDS is an exceptional body of work and has caught the attention of DON DADA himself: Mr Eazi.  


Take your time to treat yourself to these good sounds


2019 was a great year and it also gave us songs like; Dance by Oladapo, Me & the girls by Abstraktt (ft. Pandamonae), Magician by Jbpayne (ft. Papi & Zayyad), Virgo by Onaks, Alcohol Riddim by Follie D (ft. Kelviin57 & Yung Izii), Reason by Daddy99, Pretty Boy by Coz Blvck (ft. Tjk), On Check by Dapsy Ade and Enough by Walexy to name a few. 2020 seems to be following that lead regarding music.


With all the great music that has been released so far, I can only imagine what the rest of the year has in store for us. Let’s wait and find out.


This is my top 10 ranking for the first half of the year 2020, drop your comments and opinion of this list below.




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