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by Tejumola Lewis - May 12, 2020 0 Comments


A couple days ago, @thatboybims took a virtual seat with us here at ZG MUSIC and delved into the process and influences surrounding his sound.


The established Covenant University producer, who now has 'singer' added to his curriculum vitae, introduces himself "My normal name: Israel Wale. Stage name: Bims".


Fulfilling our curiousity, we asked about the name change and his explanation was nothing short of smart and resourceful. He explained the existence of a different artist that goes by the name "Walexy" who is somewhat established, in our opinion, given that he's the first person that pops up from the Google search. He makes us understand that his stage name needed rebirth and, in order not to confuse his audience or fan base, rebranding was essential. We couldn't agree more.


It was telling of his love for his art when he used more than one laughing 'emoji' in describing his first contact with music. He begins "Very funny story thoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚". He goes on to explain a very relatable story of his primary/elementary school choir and secondary/high school musical group presentations siting Nigerian musical overlords such as Kizz Daniel, Adekunle Gold as his major musical influences


Sharing a bit of wisdom from his 2019 experiences, Bims said, "As an artist, you have to try your best not to make people get the first impression that you're 'upcoming' ". He then stresses the importance of giving your best and producing quality both as an artist and regularly.


Not spending much time describing his creative process, he states,"I don't have an exact way of creating songs. It just comes depending on my mood and life experiences."


We all have that one favorite toon that never goes out of style and seems to age backwards. That's the reason we demanded to know Bims'. He picks the song 'Fall in love' from his ever growing catalogue stating, " I sang it immediately after a break up". We totally understood, I mean, everyone has to channel their inner Taylor Swift every now and then.



Rounding up our own version of 'work-from-home', we asked about his quarantine lockdown process helping him avoid being 'bored-in-the-house-and-in-the-house-bored'. His routine is rather neat, "Wake, pray, vocal training, eat, make beats, record, little to no online activity and perhaps some football".


It was great getting to know Bims but don't be a stranger, tell us whose brain we should pick next in the comment section below.


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