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by Feranmi Oludare - Aug. 6, 2020 0 Comments


We recently got the chance to have a conversation with BolaBMH, one of the biggest producers in Covenant University. We got to learn more about him, his art, his inspirations and more. Unlike most of us, the first half of 2020 had been rather good to him.


Born “Bolatito Obisanya”, BolaBMH like a lot of artists, admitted to have started his musical journey in church where his mother was in the choir. That comes as no surprise as he strikes as someone who is genuinely in love with the art. The past seven months have seen him involved with so many projects showing that it’s very difficult to doubt his commitment and work ethic. 



Speaking on his early influences, he mentioned Kanye West, MikeWillMadeIt and Metro Boomin’ to name a few. He also mentioned Sarz and Masterkraft as his local influences. His work on projects like; “Full Moon Weekends”, “Forever Or Whatever” and “Love Is Siick” is something very commendable to say the least and it seems even he isn’t ready to blow his own horns.


The first half of this year must have been something to remember for him but when asked how he measures his success, all he had to say was “I never reach anywhere o”. Something very modest to come from someone who has had multiple projects chart nationwide in the last four months. He continued by saying “When I start to get hits…I can talk”.


There’s more to him than his apparent modesty. He also strikes as someone who is thoughtful and willing to work. He admitted the nature of his department, saying: “EIE is just stressful” but he also stated that he’s not giving up on it. He plans on graduating rather than dropping out, “…I’ve learnt my lesson…but I have to graduate”. He mentioned the effect that being in Covenant University has had on his music and how things might not be the same without them. “The people I’ve met in CU have a lot to do about my sound…If I [had] dropped out, I don’t know[if I would have been bigger]”. 

Fun Fact: The “BMH” in his name stands for “Burst My Head”. He used to be known as “Realbeetee”

To him, the creating is something which just comes naturally. Not being able to recall a certain creative process, he said “It’s just vibes o…it should just flow”. Being such a natural must be amazing. We asked about his three favourites to work with but three just aren’t enough. He has a lot of people he enjoys working with – “…from Talksiick to Wagada to Elly to Dapsy to Tfam to Akin to Ckay, they’re plenty”. His relationship with producers is as rich as his relationship with artists. He mentioned a bunch of producers who he enjoys to listen to, “…Trobulsome, Tochi, Reverb, KD, Tobi…Auxxie, Beatoven…Hyphen”. A man of the people, it may seem. When asked how he might relate with younger producers, he said “I’m open to everybody”.

Fun Fact: BolaBMH is a Manchester United fan.

All in all, we shared a lot of laughs with Bolabmh and enjoyed getting to learn more about him. His company was good. 
Before leaving, we asked him to pick his favourite songs. One produced by him and one produced by someone else. His picks were “Pain” by Wagada and “Promise” by Trobulsome and Kelviin57.


We’re not to expect any albums according to him but hopefully, we get something soon.


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