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Our little talk with Big Daddy Kave felt like that good seasonal where you have a favorite character and decide to pick up their mannerisms and boy! Did we pick up gems from this artiste.
It started a little something like:


What's your full name?
BDK: Big Daddy Kave


If you don't mind me asking, what's your government name?
BDK: Ugwu Chuka


You didn't hear it from us but make sure to take our advice in the title.
Music is a jungle and, like it or not, the branches and vines get you at some point, sooner or later. 


How did you get tangled with music? 
BDK: I'm an Odd Future baby



As listeners and followers of his art, we totally noticed the influence of the group on his musical stylings and Instagram uploads. Sighting Earl Sweatshirt as a favorite, there's no denying his fuel and fire for music, as fellow Earl stans. 
If you're reading this,..., you're NOT too late to jump on his latest release, "fonsamoris". Before describing the project as a step up a ladder he referred to it as, 


"The purest my music has ever been."


Right there! That's when we caught feelings and were never the same. The project saw him strive towards a different sound with his writing and showing off his producer skills as he makes us understand. 


How was the creative process?
BDK: Focusing more on the sound, I tried to capture a more ambient feeling with the beat. I freestyled most of the verses. 


If that's what winging it sounds like, we can't wait to hear him all in with every verse. He didn't withhold information about the sound he was gunning for with "fonsamoris". 


BDK: The beats aren't regular hip hop, for the keys and strings, I wanted a more orchestral feel. 



The year 2020 has been challenging for all, don't even get us started on the COVID-19 pandemic, so, we asked how this artiste has held up. With hopes of "the stars aligning" in his favour, he described 2020 as a good year for networking so far. 
With more questions regarding his art on our minds, and our inability to pick a favorite from all his projects, we were happy to transfer that difficulty to him. 


BDK: My personal best so far is "Celestial Bronze" then on Fonsamoris, "Voodooman" 


Why did you pick those?
BDK: "Celestial Bronze" is my first proper track and gives me this orchestral vibe... 


Well, what can we say? He must love himself some orchestra music . Now we MUST purchase a violin. 


BDK: ...for "Voodooman", I collaborated with 1Jubril on the beat. It's sound is different with its touch of afro. 



At this point there should be a fancy medical name for high affiliation to pleasant sounds. Noisophobia? Probably not. 


What should we expect from your next project?
BDK: My next project will be weak but I will rise from the ashes along with a music video for the year. 


Well, we'll watch out for you Phoenix. With music, the world is your oyster and you've gotta grab the pearls of inspiration. 


Who is your biggest inspiration outside music? 
BDK: Son 7, he's the greatest Asian in the EPL(English Premier League) and Elon Musk. 


Laughing a trail out of his DMs, he joked about Son, stating, 
BDK: The man is too great, carrying his nation and team on his shoulders. 


After much bad luck with Google, please comment if you do find a medical term for love of sound or music. Stay safe, stay home and stay entertained with the best musical content from Zero Gravity music.


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