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by Tejumola Lewis - May 18, 2020 0 Comments


We took our quarantine time with the art that is WAGADA. In true ZGMusic fashion, we start by asking his "government name", to which he says,


WAGADA: "If I show you my birth certificate, you'll see 'wagada wagada' tbvh"


Afolabi Wisdom almost had us fooled there but we finally managed to squeeze the real birth certificate detail out of him.
Spotting no direct connection with his stage name which is not, these days, surprising, we had to ask,


How did you come up with 'WAGADA'?
WAGADA: It's actually an acronym but I can't spill yet.


We like a mysterious creative; piques our interest even more as we're sure yours too.


So when is the big reveal?
WAGADA: Tbh, I don't know yet. I let moments define me, so, at the right time.


Taken aback by this, we assured WAGADA that we'd keep an open eye for this impending "right time".
To quote WAGADA, "sharing music is like a roller-coaster", and if you haven't given his latest EP, "Forever On Whatever" a listen yet, there's your heads-up, be prepared for the ride.



WAGADA: Every line in each song is really honest and that mf(motherfu****) slaps!


After rating his excitement off-the-chart at 110, WAGADA went on to confide in us that "Forever On Whatever" is actually his very first body of work. We thought to ourselves, "what a time to be alive!"
Making enquiries about when exactly work started on his recently released EP, he jokes in Nigerian Creole,


WAGADA: Since September last year but "I been loose guard"



When asked about the theme of "Forever Or Whatever", he had this to say,


WAGADA: So this E.P is basically just saying it's either forever or it's whatever. I did speak about love(yes, cliché) but we're only human. It's really just me being honest saying it's either we work towards forever or it's whatever.


Noticing his aura of confidence, we did some more digging and boy! are we happy to have found yet another Kanye West loyalist. Going on to list an elite group of musical influences like Eminem and Bob Marley, we asked,


There's no African artist listed, why?
WAGADA: 2face and Burna Boy. I feel I forgot to mention them because of how close to home they are, my bad.


Pressing for more information on the released work, WAGADA struggled to pick a favorite of his EP and turned the question back to us to give a recommendation.
Drawing to a close after a rather thorough investigation of our witness, we were curious about who he would like to work with on his music. He replies all while attempting non-arrogance,


WAGADA: Tbh(to be honest), no one. Oh chill! Maybe Jessie Reyez


If you've read this far, let us have your recommendations for WAGADA. Together, we'll help him pick a favorite. Drop your favourite track on the EP in the comment section below.


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