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Zero Gravity charts through the month of March was dominated by one producer. His name? 


So we had to get together with him to find out what goes through such a talented mind. Here we got to learn about his inspirations, his creative process and more. Here's how our interview with Tobifads went.

The cool of evening brought with it an air of reciprocated nonchalance to kick off the cyber-interview with Tobifads. It was clear no one was in any mood to thrash through the intricacies of the musical skill that is production. Like any regular over-the-net conversation, this little chit-chat started something like:


What's your full name?
Tobifads : Oluwatobi Fadeyi ADEWUMI


Yes, the "Adewumi" was capitalized either for emphasis or the good ol' customary typo, we'll never know. More on what we do know from this interview. Music tends to grow as do plants, so of course we had to know who did the planting.


What/who inspired you to get into music?
Tobifads : I had cousins who made me listen to a lot of music growing up.


He went on to list a couple of household regulars ranging from the afro scene, Fela Kuti, to the rap scene, 50cent, Eminem, Rick Ross, and also agreed that the aforementioned have influenced his sound which he described as a fusion of the music he's listened to since then 'til now.
Warming up to the interview, he proceeds to gush about his music production, stating;


"I'd say my production has more to do with how it makes you feel than how it actually sounds."


It has more to do with the vibe, the aura, in pidgin, "gbedu wey dey burst brain". We couldn't agree more.


And how would you say it makes you feel?
Tobifads : If my afro isn't groovy, then I didn't make it, if my hip-hop doesn't go "H.A.M!" I didn't make it either


Alright, give us a minute. We need to go frame that and recite it daily as a mantra! There's no denying his investment in his art and we're living for it.
Naturally, we were curious about the production process and we didn't hesitate to ask about it. He made us understand its all about flow and fun for him. He describes it as "playing around on my fruity loops(FL) studio". 


Is "Fruity Loops" the only software you use?
Tobifads : Yes but I'm testing out others soon too. 


Inching closer to home, he told us a little about his musical journey this year so far. The "NO Chaser" by Psycho YP producer claimed his year has been good and an improvement from previous years with hopes of catching a break commercially. 
With the interview drawing to a close, we were eager for more information on his musical influences and we weren't disappointed in the least. He drove it home by saying he is his mom's no.1 fan and she has been his mentor without the bounds of music while also listing his biggest musical influences. 


What about your biggest musical influences?
Tobifads : Sarz, Pierre Borne, "Prime" Don Jazzy and Fela


Yes, we giggled too at the "Prime". As stated earlier, music grows and so does this music producer in his prime. We're sure to hear more from him musically. 
Ushering ourselves out of his "DMs", curiosity got the better part of us and we just had to;


For a perfect day in the outdoors, what is your goto outfit? From head to toe?
Tobifads : Bucket hat, T-shirt with "mad" prints, gold chain, short shorts, white socks and any footwear. 


It was our pleasure conversing with Tobifads. If ever you spot him in this get-up he's described, be sure to tag us to your picture when you post on Instagram.


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