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by Zero Gravity - Dec. 3, 2020 0 Comments


Miraqulous is a versatile music producer that has produced for the likes of Zlatan, Laycon to mention a few. Miraqulous broke into the music sphere mainly after the release of his beat tape titled "thermostat".

Grimaldibanks is a music artist and a rapper, well known for his energy, lyrics, cadence and content. Grimaldibanks broke into the music scene after the release of his single "Omo to shan" ft Giwin and produced by DJ Emmbassey. He's gone further to release tracks like Energy produced by P Priime and so on.

Miraqulous and Grimaldibanks have come together on a track to paint a picture for us where man sits at a round table with God. You're probably asking God? Yes, the Almighty God.

A conversation breaks out, a little bit one sided but it highlights some of man's biggest questions and wishes that he and God could unite and be one again. With a traditional, emotional bridge given at the beginning by Giwin, Altercation is the song to anticipate this Friday.

Anticipate altercation 4/12/2020


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