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by Feranmi Oludare - Nov. 28, 2020 0 Comments


Stumbling on Pandamonae’s music was truly a blessing in disguise. We know how boring life gets when you run out of money; having to stay indoors, no data subscription available and you have to settle for watching TV (unfortunately the DStv subscription was also exhausted so I was forced to watch terrestrial television).



I tuned into TVC because they had some sort of musical show on - an interview with whom I would later discover to be PANDAMONAE. I joined when he was being questioned about the name he had chosen as his monicker (which honestly sounded rather strange upon first hearing it). He gave a sufficient answer, followed by a cut leading to a song of his getting played. I said to myself ‘the kind of music Nigeria



The texture of his voice, the flow and the melodies are sure to leave a strong impression on any listener.  In 2018 he dropped ‘Fine Wine’ which energized and strengthened his growing fan-base. In 2019 he was featured on ‘ME & THE GIRLS’, a masterpiece created alongside one of your favorite rappers - Abstraktt.

Here we are in 2020 and he has been dropping gems for his fans and music lovers in general. From ‘SUKURA’ (January 2020), which leads to questions about the typical Lagos babe, to ‘HOLLUP’ (on which he flexed his lyrical ability and rich textured voice). 
His latest release ‘NICE & SWEET’ fuses Afrobeat with Dancehall for a ‘love’ song. It really doesn’t matter how you feel before listening to it, the music sets its own mood once you hit ‘play’.




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