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GK: Fwfeyi 
There's no better pick for this position than our versatile "El chapo" crooner. He's a Ter Stegen in his own right.


CB: Daddy99 
No attacker has a chance against this self-proclaimed "Virgil". His latest single "Reason" is a whole vibe. No time to slack!


CB: Bliizzy 
A typical no-nonsense defender, you should watch out for Bliizzy lest you "Fall out" *insert smirk*. We liken this CB to David Luiz but with less hair.


RB: Taylee 
He's sharp and he delivers; a worthy pick for this position. Give your ears a treat with "shuku shuku" and thank us later.


LB: JustED 
This fit alte rapper keeps us swooning in sync with his lyrics, rhythm and flow. Every track and frestyle leaves a trail of the blood of his opposers. Check out his recently released project "The iPad Series" on his Instagram page.


DM: Ybsounds 
The great hook managed to pull talent such as Abstraktt, Godo ,Debbyflygirl and Zilla oaks on one track. "Jungle" saw everyone bring their best to the musical table. What better qualities do we need in a DM.


AM: Oladapo 
Typical Brazilian AM, he will have every defender dancing to his tune; the Ronaldinho of the team. Go listen to "Dance" produced by P-Prime and come thank us later.


CM: Damilfice 
Big man on the pitch, are you drowsy? Do not sleep on him without expecting injury. Holding his team down, steady dropping hits like "Bumba" and "Hustle".


LW: Abstraktt 
A fashion icon and musical overlord in his own right, his skill can be likened to PSG's Neymar. Having a soft spot for his fans and their wishes, it's no wonder every track he's touched turns to gold. The music video for his single "Me & The Girls" featuring Pandamonae is out now and you can view it in our video section.


RW: Pandamonae 
He showcases undeniably original artistry in the unilag foward trio. A creative in a league of his own. If still in doubt of his abilities, listen to "Hollup" to clear it.


CF: Soundz 
Can easily get behind defenders to produce bangers after bangers. With the release of "Darasimi" he raised the bar a foot higher for everyone. A Suarez in his prime.









GK: Onaks
In the goal, we start with ONAKS the rapper who doesn’t accept nonsense on his lines. He actually doubles as a goalkeeper whenever he’s not setting microphones ablaze. Listen to Virgo and see what we are talking about.


CB: Loti 
His height and smoothness with ladies makes him rather similar to Sergio Ramos on the football pitch but his haircut can also be likened to that of Kalidou Koulibaly. If you haven't listened to his recent joint project with the KD "Sins and Scenes", you are really missing out.


He would fill as our centre partner to LOTI. With massive vibes and his willingness to commit himself to his tune.


LB: Wagada 
Wagada definitely! A Jordi Alba who can score goals for himself and provide mind blowing assists like he did on ELEGUSHI (presidential cruise)


RB: Koko
The perfect position for Koko who never stays at the back. Perfect Alexander-Arnold type. All he does is deliver bangers back to back!
From Dragun to Luv Badgals to Good Enough.


DM: Kelviin57
Our pick here is Kelviin57. With a commanding voice and his ability to hold features, produce hits and create vibes. He is our Casemiro.


CM: TochiBedford 
With height and mastery like Paul Pogba, it is only natural we make him the heart of the midfield. A unique artist and producer whose creativity reflects on his tracks and projects. Check out his recent project "Eternal Mob".


AM: Ajebo
Our choice for this position is Ajebotherealest who retired from his football career rather prematurely. We have him as our attacking mildfielder to provide bangers and screamers like he does on the mic.


RW: Talksiick 
He plays as a left winger normally but let’s have him on the right for now. His trickery (starving us of his music) would be a great tool inside the box and far out on the wing.
His recent project should be on repeat on your phones now with crazy features on the EP.


LW: Walltar
The golden boy of music, the Mbappe of Covenant University music brings a lot to the team with his skill and love from the ladies. Listen to Appreciation and Ready and see what we are talking about. 


CF: Whoisakin 
We have him in front to score our goals; dangerous in the box and on the microphone. Lewandowski of the team. We are yet to recover from the multiple hits from his EP Full Moon Weekends.


King Milli




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