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by Feranmi Oludare - May 1, 2020 0 Comments


The name asks just the right question. Who exactly is he? But more importantly, was this project an answer?


The current set of new musical acts across the country seem to be much different from their predecessors. The Afro style (from its onset) has always been known to lead to rather vigorous body movement. Afro was made for you to dance to; even senselessly at times but here we have artists like Wurld, ShowDemCamp, Buju and Whoisakin who (with soothing voices and calming beats) are just trying to get you to take it slow.


“Full Moon Weekends” is nothing related to Werewolves or mystical creatures as some might expect; The only mystical things here are the hovering emotions. The project featured only one guest appearance and she also keyed into this, she sings; “Why don’t we take some space, you do some crazy damn things when you love somebody” midway through a verse about being present and in love. The Project is swarmed with questions about his stance with his emotions and even more questions about who “Feyi” is to him.



The first song ends with a message from “Feyi” apparently wanting to spend some time with him thus leaving questions about her significance. The second song (“+234”) begins with Whoisakin singing “Heard you’ve got a man that you’re into/ But it’s the weekend, you can pull up on me”. The project is crowded with questions; some that the listener requires answers to, others that Whoisakin himself requires answers to.


The third song “Space” started out as a cliche call for attention. Seeming rather uninspired and more into being cold than being expressive, it seemed like the project had hit it’s peak and it was starting to fall. Well, it was always going to as some point. The storytelling on the song was exceptional nonetheless, it just didn’t feel like a great fit.


Apparently, Whoisakin isn’t one to relent. “2:25” hit a different mark. Sounding very similar to “Space”, it was another song to unveil more about the rather unusual relationship between the crooner and “Feyi”. The song beings with a recorded message from “Feyi”. She’s still very much interested in spending time together but more compelling about it now than and having no problems dealing with asking for it. The song begins with Whoisakin singing: “Aunty, where did you get my number?/ I know you want me to come through, I’ll come over”. The song goes on to describe what seems to be an encounter.
“Energy” was the best possible way to end such a project. Although (as earlier mentioned) such songs usually compel you to take things slow; this one will have you moving all different parts.



Although, there are still questions about the lingering feelings surrounding the project, it is nothing but satisfying to listen to. A musical journey to remember.


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