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by Tejumola Lewis - Sept. 15, 2020 1 Comment


In true ZGM fashion, our first line of inquiry to the “Jungle” crooner was centred on legality to set the mood.


ZGM: Can you tell us your real name? Your government name?
YBS: I’m Ukeme Israel Ibanga.


That’s a mouthful of Efik names if you indeed tried to pronounce it like we did. After getting our tongues twisted with that one, we had to know the inspiration behind his alias, YBSounds

He took us through the evolution of the name, starting with “YB” being a fond joke amongst his high school peers meaning “yung billionaire”, to the same abbreviation meaning more to him recently.


YBS: I decided to change the name to “Young Blood” as it makes more sense to me now. 



We love an ever evolving artist who’s not scared of change and versatility. A perfectionist in his craft, YBSounds claimed to produce all types of music with a preference to quality over quantity. If ever you come across his work, now you know what you’re listening to; quality.
Upon asking about major influencers of his sound, he cites the likes of Dremo and Ycee as mentors of his.


ZGM: When did you start making music?
YBS: About a year into high school. JSS3(9th grade/Year 9) and the journey has been quite rough.


His latest single had us yearning for more so we took a look at his Apple Music profile. He went on to explain his limitations being commitment to school work and some issues with distribution. Being a student in Caleb University, he has faced challenges sourcing producers who understand his style and sound therefore delaying projects and releases.


YBS: Regardless, I’m still cooking up something big so, don’t worry.


Finally getting down to the ‘koko’ of the matter, we asked about the aforementioned ‘banger’ single “Jungle” (featuring Abstraktt, Zilla Oaks, Godo & Flygirldebby) still sitting pretty on our charts.


Apparently, he owes it to a lucky phone call to his friend, Godo, who doubles as his ‘fave’ producer. With a little help from a certain Abayomi and Ruth, he got hold of Zilla Oaks and Abstraktt respectively.


If you’ve read this far, then get ready for some exclusive flags for his upcoming releases. You saw it here first so why not follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more? @zerogravityy__



YBS: All I can say for now is that I’m working on some singles and demos. My team, Gidi collective, is also currently working on a single and “Volume 2”.


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